ACC talks Black History Month: Nicole K. Bell

Black History Month - Nicole Bell

Throughout Black History Month, Austin Community College (ACC) sits down with influential and accomplished faculty and staff to discuss what Black History Month means to them.

As ACC's Training and Development Coordinator, Nicole K. Bell travels throughout the entire ACC district. Nicole is most proud of the anti-racist training work she does with Courageous Conversations About Race.

Why do you work at ACC?

I love working at ACC because I get to engage with leaders at all levels. I am encouraged and empowered by a college that works diligently to serve students, employees, and our community by helping them to succeed in every stage of their lives.

Why do you believe it's important for the college to commemorate Black History Month?

Black History is more than a month, it IS history, it is the history of our nation. It is important to study our history, all of our history — Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian — so we can make more sense of our current world. Learning about BLACK history — OUR history — is how we understand the present, and how we can help shape a more equitable future.

What are some personal or professional accomplishments you are most proud of?

I am grateful to do the work I do here at ACC; however, I am most proud of the anti-racist training work I do with Courageous Conversations About Race. On a personal level, I am most proud of the connections I have made through the experiences I've had training, learning, and working in the community.

What's the best lesson you've learned?

The best lesson I have learned in my life is to be mindful of my intentions and the impact they leave on others.

Why do you feel it is important to seek out and value diverse perspectives?

I believe it is important to seek out and connect to the full humanity that connects us all, which helps me learn to value someone else's point of view.

How do you build bridges between communities?

I believe you can build bridges anywhere by listening, being authentic, transparent, and having a true desire to connect and learn about all communities that make up our larger ecosystem.

What inspires you?

My daughters (21 and 9 years of age) inspire me, they are mine and my ancestors' wildest dreams manifested walking on the outside of my body. They continue to humble and inspire me. Because of them, I work hard to leave them a legacy they can appreciate.


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