ACC launches new 14-week short semester option

Austin Community College District (ACC) launches a new 14-week, short semester option for students this fall. Submitted applications for fall are up more than 15 percent. The 14-week option gives students who are still working through the application and registration process more time to finish their steps and begin class on time.

"Our goal is to ensure all students get the support they need and can start the semester off strong. Research shows that students who are present for a class from day one are those most likely to earn passing and high grades, but there are still many students who are finishing their application and need more time to register for fall," says Dr. Charles Cook, ACC provost/executive vice president for Academic Affairs. "Instead of starting the 16-week classes late, we launched a new 14-week option for these students. The extra two weeks provide students more time to register and be successful."

In addition to the 14-week short semester, the college also offers 12- and 8-week options. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to find the best short semester option that meets their needs and helps them stay on track.

New 14-week classes begin Monday, September 7. To view all short semester options, visit