ACC talks Hispanic Heritage Month with Hector Aguilar

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Austin Community College (ACC) asks influential and accomplished faculty and staff to discuss what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them and their advice for Hispanic/Latinx students.

Dr. Hector AguilarDr. Hector Aguilar has worked at ACC for 22 years. He was a professor and department chair of the Electronics, Semiconductor, Power and Renewable Energy, and Robotics/Automation Programs for the first 12 years. For for the last 10 years, he has served as the dean of the Continuing Education Division.

Why is it important to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? How do you celebrate your heritage?
Hispanics have been contributing to our nation for generations. It is important to celebrate and embrace the Hispanic heritage so that our culture is not forgotten. This is one major opportunity to continue to embrace and celebrate our rich culture. It is the diversity of our country that has made this nation the best in the world.

As a family, we like to attend various community celebrations and visit the Mexican American Cultural Center. We enjoy mariachis and ballet folkloric presentations. Family gatherings are very important to our culture, and let's not forget eating delicious Mexican food.

What advice would you give to our Hispanic/Latinx students?
First and most important - study, vote, study, and vote.

What is your biggest inspiration?
My family.

What is your proudest achievement?
Completing my Ph.D. while working a full-time job and helping to raise our two small children.

How do you foster an inclusive environment?
Make new friends and celebrate our differences.

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