ACC Veterans Day Profiles: Kai Ferguson

On Veterans Day, we pause to honor and commemorate our nation's military — those who have bravely served our nation to protect our freedoms. Austin Community College District (ACC) would like to thank our veterans for their selfless service. The college is honored that more than 150 veterans have chosen to work at ACC. We asked a few of them about their service and what Veterans Day means to them.

ACC veterans Kai Ferguson ACCTV producer

Kai Ferguson is a producer and videographer for ACCTV. He served in the Navy and has been at ACC for about two years.

What does Veterans Day mean to you?
Reflecting on and honoring those who served, continue to serve, and those who support them.

Which branch of the military did you serve in and what was your rank and/or position(s)?
Navy. Petty Officer 2nd Class.

When were your years of service?
1997 - 2001

Where did you serve?
Asia Pacific

Why did you choose to serve in the military?
Serve a greater cause that would hopefully benefit others.

How did the skills you learned in the military translate into your life and career afterward?
Discipline and determination to achieve despite obstacles. In the world of entertainment media, you're often producing something out of nothing. It takes an abundance of discipline and determination to see projects through from start to finish.

What do you want people to know about our military?
There are a lot of fantastic individuals dedicated to being the best they can be to serve for the benefit of others.

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