Save time and money through ACC’s new FutureCATS transfer program

Austin Community College District (ACC) launches a new program to save students time and money when they transfer. Created through the Equity Transfer Initiative, FutureCATS is a transfer support program for students planning to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree at Texas State University.

“Equity gaps among transfer rates continue to persist. ACC is working to identify the barriers and develop solutions to close these gaps,” says Renee Esparza, ACC transfer resources director. “FutureCATS will continue that work by connecting students with existing resources to support successful transfer.”

The program aims to increase transfer rates among Black, Hispanic, adult, and first-generation students. FutureCATS provides personalized support, resources, and guidance leading to well-defined pathways and eliminating excess credits. Students also have opportunities to meet with Texas State University faculty and staff, as well as participate in Texas State's Common Experience.

Eligible students must be enrolled in one of the following key programs:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Nursing

Applications are now open. Students can apply at any time in their academic journey.

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