Big Impact, Small Timeline: Registration Open for Short Semester Courses

Registration can sneak up quickly, but there is still plenty of time to move forward on your educational journey. Austin Community College District (ACC) offers hundreds of short semester courses that can be completed in less time, allowing students to reach their goals faster.

Available in 14-, 12-, and 8-week options, these courses award full credit hours. If students continue to carry 12-credits during the semester, the classes also provide full-time financial aid benefits on a part-time schedule. ACC short semester classes begin throughout the fall semester with offerings online, nights, and weekends. 


Short Semester

Classes Begin

1st 8-Week

Monday, August 22

14 Week

Tuesday, September 6

12 Week

Monday, September 19

2nd 8-Week

Monday, October 17

The college offers 1-on-1 appointments with advisors to help students find the best short semester option for their schedule. Students may also choose to mix and match — taking different length courses throughout the semester. 

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