Fashion Designers! Register Now for Gerber Technology AccuMark 2D Course

“The Gerber Accumark pattern design software and 3D fitting software are powerful tools that allow designers to work efficiently and to professional standards.” - ACC Fashion Incubator Student Skylar Johnson.

For Austin Community College District (ACC) student Skylar Johnson, the college’s Fashion Incubator provided a pathway to becoming a much savvier designer. The program gave him access to Gerber AccuMark software program that empowers fashion brands to accelerate time to market, improve fit, and maximize material utilization.

“Austin is an emerging hub for fashion/lifestyle brands. The city has a community that believes in the power of technology to improve the apparel production process,” says Skylar.

Now registration is open to allow more emerging designers to learn workforce-ready skills and real-to-industry information. ACC’s Gerber Technology AccuMark 2D class is a six-week online course to learn how to use fashion technology to bring your designs to life.

“This class allows students to use skills to help mainstream pattern designs for their own fashion business. No matter what age or level, those with some exposure to patterns do better understanding shapes and lead to more successful careers,” says Michelle Washington, Fashion Incubator instructional coordinator.

  • Students can expect to learn about:
  • Digitally drafting basic styles
  • Updating pattern pieces to add new design details
  • Basic sizing and pattern layout
  • Converting data and exporting the pattern

“This is an intro-level class. It’s open to anyone interested in learning fashion technology. We also welcome students who are learning about the fashion industry in high school and want to get an early start on learning the technology,” says Washington.

20 students will be in the inaugural cohort. The class begins Wednesday, November 2.

Skylar came back to ACC after earning a degree in Biochemistry in 2008. He launched his own apparel line in 2017 as a technical designer creating activewear and knits.

"There is always more to learn and new ways to do things. Working with the Fashion Incubator provides me with opportunities to practice patternmaking with the guidance of an industry veteran,” says Skylar.

Click here for more information and to register.