Graduation Spotlight: Meet Rizwana Najam Khan

Rizwana Khan Image

Austin Community College District (ACC) celebrates more than 3,500 graduates at its fall 2022 commencement ceremony. Friends and family are invited to congratulate students Thursday, December 8 at the HEB Center in Cedar Park.

One of those students is Rizwana Najam Khan. Rizwana completed her degree in the Pharmacy Technician program. Learn more about her journey.

Written by: Rizwana Najam Khan

My name is Rizwana Najam Khan. I am graduating from Austin Community College in fall 2022. I will get an associate degree in Pharmacy Technician Program. It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of such a prestigious institution. 

During my time at ACC, I not only worked hard to achieve my degree, but I had an opportunity to groom myself as a professional. I took speech, communication, and computing courses which prepared me to work in technical job settings. 

I was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success gave me a chance to enhance my leadership skills and contribute to my institution in a productive manner.

I had a degree in biochemistry from a foreign country, but it was not enough to start a career in the US. That’s why I started looking for career options. I decided to resume my studies and got admission to the pharmacy technician program at ACC after completing the prerequisites. 

ACC and my teachers have played a very significant role in my success. The college gave me a chance to prove my capabilities and restored my confidence. My teachers have encouraged me at every step, and I am very grateful for their continuous support.

I have worked very hard to achieve my goals, and at the same time, I am raising my kids so that they become useful and responsible members of the community.

I want to use the knowledge and skills that the pharmacy tech program has taught me to be a part of the workforce and contribute my share with my community. I would love to explore opportunities for further advancement in my career. 

For me, the acquisition of knowledge is a continuous process, and it starts from the bosom of the mother to the brink of the grave. I am very excited to start a career that I achieved through hard work and resilience.

I suffered several setbacks, both emotional and academic, but I did not let any of this fetter my progress in life. My advice to my fellow students is that face the challenges of life with courage and resilience and never let difficulties and hardships stop your progress.