General Questions

  • Is there a separate college application or special assistance with the enrollment process for students with disabilities? 
  • I qualify for a deaf/blind tuition waiver, but was charged full tuition.  Why?
    • Students who have a tuition waiver must maintain a 2.0 GPA, and/or a 50% completion rate and/or not have in excess of 90 hours of college credit for the waiver to continue.
  • Are students with disabilities exempt from taking the TSI?
    • No. All students, including those with disabilities who do not meet the state requirement for college readiness must take the TSI.  There are some exemptions based on previous test scores.  Review TSI exemptions.
  • English is my second language and I need more time on my tests.  Can I apply for services and accommodations? 
    • English as a second language is not, in of itself, considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, so ACC does not provide accommodations for ESL students. If English is your second language and you also have a disability, you may apply for services.
      Click here to learn more about ESL classes.

  • I have a complaint
    • ACC is fully committed to complying with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as Amended 2010 (ADAAA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (section 504) and providing equal education­al opportunities to otherwise qualified students with disabilities.

      Complaint procedure
      Follow the student complaint procedure if you believe you have been subjected to discrimination based on your disability or denied access or accommodations required by law.

  • Does the information about my disability appear on my official ACC transcript? 
    • No, your disability information is not part of your official transcript.
  • Does SAS provide tutoring?
  • I'm Pregnant. Do I qualify for services?
    • Student accessibility services can provide you with academic adjustments under Title IX.  Please contact Katie Payne, Advocate- kathryn.payne@austincc.edu
  • I have a service animal.  What do I do?
    • Service animals are not considered an accommodation under the ADA, so you do not have to have any official documentation in order to have your dog with you on campus.  If you think you may need accommodations, please complete our application for services 
  • What's the difference between modifications I received in high school and college accommodations? 
    • Modifications in high school are provided to the student in order to be successful in their classes. In college, accommodations are provided to students in order to be able to access their course materials.

      For instance, modifications in high school may have included taking away two answers on a four answer multiple choice question, or being able to take a multiple choice test instead of writing an essay.

      In college, there are no modifications or adjustments to the curriculum or testing that may be made if they would alter the essential requirements of the course. For instance, if you are taking English composition, you must write an essay to pass the class. You would not be approved to substitute this test with another type of test.

  • I have an emotional support animal.  What do I need to do?
    • If you require an ESA/Comfort Animal in order to gain access to ACC classes and programs, your ESA must be approved by the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office.  Contact sas@austincc.edu for more information regarding the ESA approval process.
  • Do I get preferred or early registration as a student with a disability?
    • Students with disabilities register at the same time as other students. In order to ensure you get the classes you want, we recommend meeting with your advisor to plan your classes early, so you can register as soon as registration opens, see registration dates.
      SAS can assist in helping you build your schedule after you have met with your advisor.
  • How do I get accessible parking at ACC? 
    • All students must purchase a valid ACC parking permit in addition to their valid ADA placard in order to legally park in the designated accessible parking places on campus.

      ACC does waive the parking permit fee for disabled veterans who own a vehicle with a state-issued license plate designation of “disabled veteran.” Qualifying students and employees must provide the Cashier Office with a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ receipt showing the plate type of “Disabled Veteran.”

  • I have a tuition waiver but have a balance due for my classes.  Why do I owe money?
    • Your tuition waiver covers tuition and fees, but may not cover other charges for registration including first day books, and other costs associated with your classes.  You are responsible for paying any outstanding monies by the posted deadline.  Please log in to Online Services to check for any outstanding balance due.

Accommodation Questions

  • I need an Interpreter.
    • If you will need a sign language interpreter for any activity at ACC, you will need to submit your request at least 72 hours in advance.

      Request Interpreter

  • My instructor is not providing my approved accommodations.  What do I do? 
    • If your instructors are not providing your accommodations as they are listed on your accommodation letters, please contact sas@austincc.edu as soon as possible.  
  • I need to borrow equipment, does SAS provide equipment loans?
    • SAS can provide audio recorders, document enlargers, and other accessible technology if available.  Please contact SAS@austincc.edu for more information.
  • I have accommodations but don't know if I want to use them.  What should I do? 
    • Go ahead and pick up your letters and give them to your instructors at the start of the semester. Even if you are not sure whether you will want or need to use your accommodations later in the semester, it is better to have them in place ahead of time rather than waiting until it might be too late.
  • I didn't pick up my letters this semester and just failed my midterm exam.  Can I pick up my letter now and retake the exam with accommodations?  
    • Since accommodations are not retroactive, we strongly encourage students to request their accommodations at the beginning of the semester and provide their letters to their instructors as soon as possible.  Your accommodations are active once the instructor has your notice of approved accommodations. 
  • How do I get accommodations for the HSE/GED? 

Disability Questions

  • I have a diagnosis, but am not sure I qualify for services.  What should I do? 
    • We encourage you to complete the SAS application for services and upload your disability documentation. Then you will meet with a SAS staff member to discuss your individual needs.
  • I think I have a disability.  Can ACC test me? 
  • Does SAS provide temporary accommodations due to unforeseen injuries, such as a broken arm, or emergency surgery? 
  • Do I have to disclose my disability to my instructor? 
    • Generally speaking, you are under no obligation to discuss the specifics of your disability with your instructors.  However, you are welcome to share any information about your disability and the impact it may have on you in the classroom to help your instructor understand the barriers to access you may have. 
  • I'm transferring to another college. How do I transfer services?
    • Each college has its own disability services office.  You will want to work with them to receive services.  If you need a copy of the documentation you provided to ACC, please email SAS@austincc.edu, include a copy of picture ID (ACC ID, drivers license, etc.) and request that we send you a copy of your records.

Testing Questions

  • Are there accommodations for the TSI?
    • Yes, but they are limited since the TSI is a placement test. The TSI is untimed and allows for students to take each section separately, so you can test over a period of days if necessary. The TSI has a pop-up calculator for certain questions. If you need a reader for the test, SAS can provide that to you. If you think you may need additional accommodations, please contact SASapplication@austincc.edu.
  • Is the TSI test modified for students with disabilities?
    • Students with disabilities can receive accommodations for the TSI, but the test is not modified.