Science, Engineering & Math

Science, Engineering & Math

Science, Engineering & Math

Set your trajectory for a career with impact

Tomorrow's scientists, mathematicians, and engineers will lead the way in asking the big questions and addressing the big challenges that face our world. Austin Community College’s Science, Engineering, and Math Area of Study is committed to giving you a clear understanding of these disciplines and a grasp on what it takes to become an innovator, educator, researcher, and leader. Discover the career that’s right for you. Start a journey that could change everything.


Credit Programs

  • Biology

    Explore the vast spectrum of life forms with courses that prepare you for further study in a number of scientific and health science disciplines. Your options include classes that meet prerequisites for our Health Science programs and may contribute toward the core curriculum requirements for a bachelor’s degree from a four-year state institution.

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  • Biotechnology

    In the coming years, some of the world’s biggest challenges will be overcome with the tiniest solutions. At ACC, Biotechnology majors build a foundation for conducting research in both public and private sector laboratories. Level 1 certificate, associate degree, and post-bachelor degree tracks are offered.

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  • Chemistry

    Education in chemistry prepares you for career opportunities in chemical-related industries like healthcare, the food and drink industry, and environmental consultancies. Chemistry courses at ACC also contribute toward the core curriculum requirements for a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution.

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  • Engineering

    Engineers apply the principles of physics and mathematics to design, develop, implement, and maintain structures and systems. Students in this program explore engineering theory and gain project-based laboratory experience. Upon completion you’ll be ready to pursue any type of engineering degree at a four-year institution.

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  • Environmental Science and Technology

    Environmental scientists confront challenges that affect the livability of our world. This program prepares you to address environmental and public health issues in a number of job fields. Level 1 certificate, associate degree, and post-degree tracks are offered. We also offer specialized training and fieldwork in water-quality monitoring.

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  • General Studies in Science

    If you want to study science but are unsure about the field you want to pursue, the General Studies Program is a great way to start your college studies. This program allows you to explore several subject areas. If you’re considering a transfer, be sure to check the requirements of the transfer institution.

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  • Geology

    Geologists analyze the structure and materials of the Earth’s surface and far beneath. In this program, you’ll study the processes that shape the planet and how those physical changes impact our civilization. Upon completion of this program, you will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution.

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  • Mathematics

    The principles of mathematics are essential to every aspect of science. In this program, you’ll build a mathematics foundation that prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a career in research, education, statistics, engineering, finance, data science, and more.

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  • Physics

    Physics allows us to understand, predict, and harness the basic forces of our universe. The Physics Program at ACC provides a broad education in the physical sciences. You’ll prepare to transfer to a four-year institution with training in areas like geophysics, biophysics, astronomy, molecular physics, elementary particle physics, and more.

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Continuing Education Programs

Flexible Options

Texas A&M Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC

A learning community for future A&M engineering grads.

Distance Learning

Convenient online classes anywhere an internet connection is available.

Weekend College

Guaranteed Friday, Saturday, and online classes to complete your degree or certificate.

format_quote The lab classes were the best. I enjoyed how the experiments were set up to mimic what you would expect to come across in industry."
Sonja T.
Major: Biotechnology