Dual Credit Programs: FAQs

  • Yes, but homeschool students are required to submit an additional document:  an MOU which is required for all new homeschool students participating in ACC classes. Contact your Enrollment & Partnerships Liaison for processing homeschool student information. Important:  Your liaison will be assigned by the closest high school that you would attend if you were going to a public school in Central Texas.

  • This hold is for ACC students’ accounts who haven’t completed the High School Orientation.  The orientation is required for all new students to High School Programs and is Step #3 of the Application Steps and Checklist. Upon successful completion, the hold will automatically be removed 24 hours later.

  • It’s VERY important to always check your ACC account balance after you register!  If you have a balance on your account, please contact your Enrollment & Partnerships Liaison immediately. Please remember that if your balance is for textbook fees, students are responsible to pay for these on their own by the payment deadline. Students will be dropped from their ACC courses for non-payment.

  • First, view what textbooks are required. Students can also order textbooks from other online retail outlets such as Amazon or Chegg.com or rent textbooks for their classes. Pay attention to those classes that have online textbook fees known as First Day. Learn more > 

  • No, students interested in taking an advanced math course such as MATH 2412 (Pre-Calculus) must take the math advanced placement test to qualify. Contact your Enrollment & Partnership Liaison after you take the test to determine eligibility in your requested advanced ACC math course.

  • All High School students enrolled in an ACC course have an AR7/AR8 hold placed on their account each semester. This serves as a reminder to the student that they have permission from their high school counselor/administrator to participate in ACC classes. The AR7/AR8 hold is lifted once we receive approval from the high school counselor/administrator.  Please contact your Enrollment & Partnership Liaison directly about your hold. Choose the liaison assigned to your current high school or closest public school if you’re a homeschool student.

  • Check out the ACC Course Schedule and look at “Campus Locations” on the right-hand side and click on “All Locations”. Scroll down until you see your high school and click on it to see what ACC classes are offered. You can also filter by “Dual Credit” and “Early College High School” located under “Other Sorts” from the course schedule page.

  • Students must follow ACC deadlines and official rules for dropping or withdrawing from courses, and will be subject to course completion and academic progress policies (SAP--Satisfactory Academic Progress). Classes dropped after the add/drop period has ended will count as a tuition waiver used.  All students must maintain a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) level of 2.0 GPA. Students who fall below SAP will be placed on Academic Probation for a semester. Failure to maintain SAP for two semesters (consecutive or nonconsecutive) will result in a student being ineligible for participation. College records are permanent; therefore, it is important to maintain SAP while enrolled at ACC as failure to do so may impact future college financial aid and transfer eligibility.

  • Yes, students must meet all skills and course requirements. Students may register only for courses approved by their high school counselor and ACC advisor. Austin Community College cannot guarantee that all college course sections will be available.

  • Check with your high school or school district first.  Each school district determines its own dual credit equivalences according to state and district policies. Each school district also determines the conversion of ACC letter grades to numeric grades, if applicable. All ACC courses are issued a letter grade, only.

  • Official ACC transcripts are available 1-2 weeks after the last day of each session and can be requested online.  Transcripts are also available in person at any ACC campus Admissions and Records office.

  • Many of our high school partners in Central Texas offer the TSI test for their own high school students. Check with your school if they offer it. Students can also take the TSI test through Austin Community College.

  • College Readiness Exemptions
    ACT: Composite 23, with English-19+ and Math- 19+
    SAT: (prior to 3/2016): 1070 Combined w/ scores of CR-500+ & Math-500+
    SAT: (3/5/2016 and newer): EBRW-480+ and Math-530+
    STAAR: English III- 4000+
    STAAR: Algebra II- 4000+

    College Readiness Waivers* (while in high school only):
    ACT/ASPIRE: English-435+ Math-431+
    PLAN: Composite 23, with English-19+ and Math-19+
    PSAT/NMSQT: Effective 10/2015 & beyond: EBRW-460+, Math-510+
    STAAR: English II- 4000+
    STAAR: Algebra I- 4000+ with 70+ average in high school Algebra II course

    *Exemptions and Waivers established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board