Advanced Math Assessment

You may be required to take a math assessment if you plan to register for a higher-level math course.

Higher-level math courses

If you enroll in the following courses but have not taken the prerequisite math course(s), you must take a math assessment test.

  • Pre Calculus (MATH 2412)
  • Calculus I (MATH 2413)
  • Business Calculus (MATH 1325)
  • Math for Middle Grade Teacher Certification 1 (MATH 1350)

Taking math assessment tests

Visit any campus Advising Office to obtain a math assessment referral. Next, schedule your assessment at the Assessment Center.

Allow an hour and a half to complete your test.

Discuss your results with an academic advisor to determine the best course for you.

You may choose to “test out” of developmental courses by taking assessments to demonstrate your knowledge. Talk to a math faculty member or a developmental math advisor before attempting to test out of developmental courses.


Preparing for math assessments

Self study

ACC offers many resources to help you prepare for assessment tests. See Assessment Study Materials for options, including some math prerequisite reviews.

Classroom study

ACC’s Continuing Education Division also offers tuition-based prep courses for many assessments.