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Main Number & Address

Phone: 512-223-7000

Austin Community College District
5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
Austin, TX 78752

ACC Directory

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ACC Police
Phone: 512-223-1231

Media Inquiries
Phone: 512-223-7596

Open Records Requests
Phone: 512-223-7595

New Student Enrollment

College Destination Center - 512-223-7747 or

Current & Former ACC Students

Student Services Help Desk 512-223-4636 or
Have your ACCeID ready if available.

Campuses & Centers

Cypress Creek Campus (CYP)
Phone: 512-223-2000

Eastview Campus (EVS)
Phone: 512-223-5100

Elgin Campus (ELG)
Phone: 512-223-9400

Hays Campus (HAY)
Phone: 512-262-6500

Highland Business Center (HBC)
Phone: 512-223-7000

Highland Campus (HLC)
Phone: 512-223-7300

Northridge Campus (NRG)
Phone: 512-223-4000

Pinnacle Campus (PIN)
Phone: 512-223-8001

Rio Grande Campus (RGC)
Phone: 512-223-3000

Riverside Campus (RVS)
Phone: 512-223-6000

Round Rock Campus (RRC)
Phone: 512-223-0000

South Austin Campus (SAC)
Phone: 512-223-9100


Instructional Departments

Adult Education:

Continuing Education: 512-223-7542

Distance Learning (ACC Online): 512-223-8026

Health Sciences: 512-223-5700

High School Programs: 512-223-7355

Administration & Offices

Board of Trustees:  512-223-7613

Office of the President:  512-223-7598

Employment:  512-223-7534

Media Contact:  512-223-7596

Open Records Requests:  512-223-7595


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