Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: December 2019

Work on the ACC Highland Campus dance studio.
Work on the ACC Highland Campus Phase 2 project
Work on the Highland Campus manufacturing area.
Work on the ACC Highland Campus meeting presentation hall.
Work on the ACC Highland Campus office suites.
ACC Rio Grande campus renovations.
ACC Rio Grande campus renovations.

Rio Grande Campus Renovations
By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

Two large cranes are on site erecting the last structural steel members to frame out the rooftop penthouse and place the curved tube steel framing for the new atrium roofs. This work should be complete by the end of next week. Two large mechanical air handlers were placed on the floor of the new rooftop penthouse before the steel erection to frame out the roof started going in this past week.

Within the building, the structural window jamb repair work is now complete. Exterior windows have been placed on the west, north, and east façades. New windows will go into the south façade in the next couple of weeks. About 75 percent of all the windows have now been installed. In the north atrium, the last few steel windows are being abated and cleaned for new paint. Repointing and repair of the existing building facades also continues, and is nearing completion. On Level 1, spray foam insulation is being placed on exterior walls. A new concrete foundation for the electrical transformer vault in the north parking lot — next to the Annex — has been formed and is ready for a concrete pour.

Highland Campus 2014 Bond Phase 2
By Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

Work on the Highland Campus Phase 2 project continues to move along.

Drywall work is nearing completion and elevator installation is wrapping up soon. Railings at floor openings and stairs are well underway. Crews are now installing restroom fixtures and toilet partitions. Installation is complete for the majority of interior door and window frames as well for as the walk-in coolers and freezers for the culinary kitchens. Many of the faculty office suites are receiving finishes such as paint, carpet, millwork, and ceiling grid. In the southern portion of the building, overhead utilities are underway. The building exterior metal wall panel has begun in the Paseo.