Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: July/August 2020

Highland Campus Phase 2 - Bat canopy at paseo
Highland Campus Phase 2 - MBPT Recording studio A
Highland Campus Phase 2 - Pena mural lounge
Highland Campus Phase 2 - Culinary pastry kitchen
Highland Campus Phase 2 - Presentation Hall
Highland Campus Phase 2 - Near MBPT and Music
Rio Grande Campus Renovations - Finished foundation paint
Rio Grande Campus Renovations - Began grading central courtyard
Rio Grande Campus Renovations - Drywall acoustical panel install north atrium

By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

Tremendous progress has been made over the past month. The two elevators are being installed. Decorative hand railing systems are being installed in the interior stairwells. The terrazzo floors in all common areas on Levels 0 to 2 are being completed and final finishing to polish the surfaces is underway. All restroom plumbing fixtures have been installed. Hollow metal door frames have been installed on all floors. Door panels are going in as well. The exterior concrete base is being painted with the approved multilayer protective coating system.

The construction of the south courtyard stepped amphitheater is ongoing with the placement of Tillman walls (large stone blocks carefully arranged in a stair-stepped pattern to create a tiered rectilinear bowl shape in the earth). The north courtyard is currently being prepped for Tillman walls to start going in as well.

Permanent power has been established and all the electrical systems are running to provide power throughout the building. The final painting of all interior original steel windows in the atriums is almost complete. A coat of final paint on interior walls will commence as soon as we have air conditioning in the building.

Rough-in of electrical conduit to serve the light poles and canopy mounted lights in the north parking lot is underway. The electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been set and are almost ready to go live. The pulling of data cabling is ongoing on Levels 2 and 3 and is nearly complete on Levels 0 and 1. The historical replica exterior entrance doors on the West and East elevations have gone in and are currently being prepped to be primed and painted. All specialty shaped exterior windows have been installed with the exception of just a couple so that building materials can be moved into the building. The mechanical chiller will be started up before the end of August to begin providing chilled water to air handling units, which will provide air conditioning to the entire building.

By Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

Construction is nearing completion with a substantial completion milestone expected at the end of September. Final touches are being completed throughout the building with several large performance spaces still undergoing substantial construction activities. Curtain tracks are being hung. The wood sprung dance floor will be installed soon. Fixed seating is starting to be installed in some locations. The pipe grid is nearly complete in all areas.

The connections to adjacent buildings 1000 and 4000 have been completed. Landscaping and site paving is mostly complete. Exterior furniture has been installed. The majority of the furniture has been delivered and installed. Equipment installation has begun in some areas.