Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: October 2020

Highland Campus Phase 2 Upper Level looking towards HLC1000
Highland Campus Phase 2 Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics 3D Animation Classroom
Highland Campus Phase 2 Conference Room in Campus Manager Suite
Highland Campus Phase 2 Lower Level near Culinary
Rio Grande Campus Level 1 Markerboards
Rio Grande Campus South Courtyard Tillman Walls
Rio Grande Campus Library Curtainwall Glazing and Light Fixtures

Rio Grande Campus Renovations
By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

The project is entering the home stretch! We are about three months out from substantial completion. The interiors are really starting to come together.

Final finishes are being installed on Level 0, including carpet tile, storefront glazing panels, final coats of wall paint, ceiling trim, and tile and light fixtures. Level 0 is the closest to being complete. Following closely behind is Level 1, where final finishes are going in on that level, too. Progress is less far along on Levels 2 and 3, but they will catch up there in the next month. Glass marker boards are being installed in classrooms and labs on Levels 1 and 2. Doors and door hardware are going in on Levels 2 and 3. Curtainwall glazing systems are also being installed on Level 2 and 3 in the core of the building in spaces that will be occupied by the Army Futures Command.

In restrooms on all levels, all ceramic floor and wall tiling is set and grouted and all toilet partitions have been installed. All plumbing and light fixtures are also installed. The restrooms are nearly complete.

All terrazzo flooring in common areas and corridors is complete on all four floors and floor protection is installed on top to keep the floors pristine while work continues on in the building.

On the exterior of the building, all the storefront door and glazing systems are installed at Levels 0 and 1. The historical replica painted wall doors are also installed. Temporary protection is wrapped on those doors to keep them clean.

At the north parking lot, irrigation systems are being installed. All light poles are installed. The parking lot asphaltic surface topcoat will be milled in the next week or so and then paint restriping of parking lot spaces will be done near the end of the project in December.

At the south courtyard, the stepped limestone Tillman walls are about 80 percent complete. The overall impression of the courtyard is really taking shape. At the north courtyard, rough grading is completed. Limestone retaining walls are going in and footings for the wood deck structure are being poured. Electrical rough-in of our outdoor light fixtures and power receptacles is also ongoing.

The main fiber connection for IT connectivity is being pulled from RGC 3000 to RGC 1000 this week. The network should be up and running by mid-November or so.

Highland Campus 2014 Bond Phase 2
By Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

Construction is nearly substantially complete. Final testing and commissioning of all systems are still ongoing. Final corrections/touchups and final cleaning are occurring as well. The telescopic seating for the Dance Studio will be installed soon. Equipment is still being installed throughout the building and furniture is being placed in its correct location throughout also. Computer installation will be forthcoming. Departmental moves will begin soon so that faculty and staff may set up their spaces prior to the start of the spring semester beginning in January 2021.