Computer Science & Information Technology

Trailblazers in tech start here. ACC Computer Science and IT prepares you for a career in the booming Austin tech sector. Learn to code, design games, develop network security solutions, and more.

Computer Science Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Whether your goal is an associate degree, a bachelor’s, or to transfer to a four-year university, ACC has you covered. You can put together a computer science degree plan that works for you. 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Software Development. Learn software development at your own pace and build on your associate’s degree for a fast, efficient degree plan. 
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Cybersecurity. ACC’s BAS in cybersecurity expands on the associate’s degree. You’ll gain networking and information security education and experience.
  • Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Earn an AAS in programming, web development, game design, cybersecurity, and much more.

ACC Computer Science Certificates

Learn to code with ACC computer programming classes and prepare for CompTIA and other industry certifications. Our LAN Administrator Career ACCelerator and Information Technology Institute programs feature block scheduling, which simplify course planning and let you skill up fast. 

ACC is committed to providing support services such as computer science tutoring to help students achieve success. The Women in IT Institute provides peer support and mentorship programs for students who are charting a new path in tech.

Start Your Career in IT at ACC

Whatever your goals, ACC is ready to help you succeed. Add tech skills, earn an associate degree or bachelor’s, and gain certifications that will make you marketable in today’s tech industry. Explore programs and learn more below.

Credit Programs

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity
    • Austin Community College’s BAS in Cybersecurity prepares students for an exciting career in information security. Students earn a bachelor’s degree right here at ACC, taking advantage of ACC’s highly affordable tuition that keeps college costs low.

      The BAS in Cybersecurity expands on ACC’s Cybersecurity Specialization Associate Degree. Students in the BAS program receive cybersecurity training that employers are looking for to safeguard company networks and data.

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  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development
    • The new bachelor’s degree in Software Development lets you earn a four-year degree right here at Austin Community College. This is ACC’s second bachelor’s degree program, and it’s designed to help you advance your education affordably. You’ll graduate with the diploma and skills you need to land an in-demand job with high earning potential.

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  • Computer Information Technology
    • Want a salary that exceeds the national average? Pursuing a career in Computer Information Technology (CIT) might help. CIT professionals are paid well because modern society depends on them to configure and maintain networks, support computer applications, and implement information security systems. Learn how to do all of that and more at Austin Community College. This program offers degree and certificate options to meet your unique goals. 

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  • Computer Science
    • Whether you want to create a new application or solve an existing technical program, Austin Community College’s Computer Science Program provides an excellent foundation for a bachelor’s degree. The associate degree includes the full core curriculum while providing instruction in coding, software engineering, information theory, algorithm development, and more.

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  • The App ACCelerator: Austin Can Code
    • Become an app developer for the iPhone, Apple computers, and other iOS devices by enrolling in Austin Community College’s App ACCelerator Program. You’ll learn to develop using Apple’s Swift programming language and Xcode. Over the course of your study, you’ll write a series of programs of increasing complexity, gain familiarity with the development environment, and learn the components of a well-designed and well-engineered iOS program.

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  • Information Technology Institute
    • It’s no secret—the opportunities for those who have tech skills in Central Texas are booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of information technology jobs is expected to grow 12 percent during the next decade, which is faster than average. ACC’s Information Technology Institute offers you a predefined course plan that makes it simple to quickly obtain the required skills to secure these well-paying jobs.

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  • Career ACCelerator: LAN Administrator
    •  Tech credentials can lead to great-paying jobs with advancement potential. Earn a certificate in network administration and be job-ready in just one year.

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  • Women in IT
    • Are you a woman seeking a career in the high-demand field of Information Technology? Women in IT (WIT) was developed with your success in mind. Our goal is to help women achieve success in both short-term and long-term goals despite unique challenges they may encounter. A dedicated student support specialist is available to direct you to college resources, support services, and act as your academic coach.

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Continuing Education Programs


Inside this Area of Study

The tech industry has grown almost 25 percent over the past five years in Central Texas. Currently there are more than 8,100 job openings in Computer Science/IT, and demand is expected to continue to grow. ACC now offers a pathway for you to advance in your career through the Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development.

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ACC Area of Study: Computer Science & Information Technology
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