Completion Counseling

Completion counselors are academic counselors who specialize in providing additional support to students who are close to finishing their degree or certificate (45+ hours). Our primary goal is to support students in successfully attaining a credential or achieving graduation by providing academic guidance and necessary resources for obstacles that come across your path.  

Contact Your Completion Counselor

Dr. Connie Park 512-223-2010 Cypress Creek Campus
Howard Sharp 512-223-4729 Northridge Campus
Emily Olson 512-223-9416 Elgin Campus
Sharon Goh 512-223-3123 Rio Grande Campus
Dr. Sarah Porter 512-223-7334 Highland Campus
Stewart Sachers 512-223-7326 Highland Campus
Jorge Lynch 512-223-3130 Rio Grande Campus
Guadalupe Mendoza 512-223-7323 Highland Campus
Dr. Gloria Sutton 512-223-6173 Hays Campus
Mae Thompson 512-223-6404 Riverside Campus
Sukisha Moragne 512-223-9159 South Austin Campus
Margarita Sandoval-Samilpa 512-223-9164 South Austin Campus

Mobile Support: Nudges to the Finish Line

Austin Community College is piloting a new text message service to help students complete their degrees. An initial study conducted by the University of Virginia found that these text messages increased the number of students that continued in college and graduated.
Throughout the semester, participating students will receive text messages from an ACC Completion Counselor to help move you closer to program completion and connect you with helpful campus resources. Completion Counselors will respond individually to questions and messages they receive from students. This is a great opportunity to get personalized academic counseling at ACC from the convenience of your phone!

Mobile Support Privacy Information

ACC Mobile Support is a pilot program, so you may not receive texts immediately. You can stop messages at any time by replying STOP. We will never ask for personal information, including social security number or financial information. Never send confidential information over text. Standard messaging and data rates may apply.