Completion Counseling

Academic Completion Counselors specialize in providing personalized academic counseling and advising to create individualized action plans to promote progress towards graduation, transfer, and workforce goals to students with 45 or more credit hours.

Additionally, Completion Counseling Faculty support students in the following areas:

  • Students whose Academic Standards of Progress (ASP) standing is either Academic Probation or Academic Suspension. Students receive intensive support to gain a greater understanding of academic progress policies, individualized guidance on how to identify their strengths and obstacles to success in order to rebuild their academic record, and ongoing, personalized counseling focused on strategies and resources to promote engagement and improved performance.
  • Students seeking assistance with non-mental health concerns that present potential barriers to their academic engagement, persistence, or completion, including, but not limited to, those who are out of compliance with Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, those who appeal to have their Academic Suspension lifted, and those who appeal to have their SB1210 funding reinstated.

COVID-19 Update

To schedule a video or phone appointment with your Completion Counselor you may contact them by phone or email. See contact information below.

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Limitations of Services

If unaddressed mental health challenges are impacting academic success, ACC Completion Counselors will refer individuals to ACC Clinical Counseling Services or community mental health services. ACC Completion Counselors do not provide mental health services. However, ACC Completion Counselors may work in cooperation with ACC Mental Health Counselors to support students with their academic success.