November Rio Grande and Highland construction projects updates

Highland Dillard's Building 3000
Highland Dillard's Building 3000
Highland Phase 2 Skylight
Rio Grande Wall Plumbing and Window Abatement
Rio Grande Columns for Penthouse

By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

All interior structural steel framing has been installed to infill the last remaining hole in the core of the building, from Level 0 all the way up to the roof. The underside of the metal deck forming the floor plates has been sprayed with fire proofing. Concrete has been placed over the metal deck on all levels to form new floors.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing overhead rough-in is nearing completion. Stair assemblies have been installed on Level 1 and in the core of the building at Levels 0, 1, and 2. Plumbing rough-in at the restrooms is ongoing on Levels 0, 1, and 2.

Masonry repair and patchwork continues in the North and South atriums. Lead-based paint and asbestos removal is ongoing on steel windows in the North atrium and complete in the South atrium.

Currently, a large crane is onsite erecting the last of the heavy structural steel beams and columns to form the roof penthouse that will house mechanical and electrical equipment. The crane is also setting curved tube steel "ribs" that will form the new structure for the roofs that will cover the former atriums, to make them indoor spaces eventually when the roofing is installed in the next couple of months.

Around the perimeter of the building, the masonry jamb repairs at all the windows on the exterior facades are 95 percent complete. Windows have been installed on the East elevation on Levels 1, 2, and part of Level 3. Some windows are also placed on the North and South elevations closer to the East side of the building. Windows will continue to arrive in shipments and go in gradually over the next 4-6 weeks until all are installed.

By Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

The Highland Campus Phase 2 project continues to make great progress.

Overhead doors are being installed and the majority of the exterior curtain wall and stucco work are completed. Exterior grading and flatwork have begun. The exterior and interior stair railings are currently being installed. The culinary kitchen equipment will be set on the roof soon.

Acoustic panels are currently in progress in the main corridors. Restroom tile work is making progress as well as carpet tile in many office suites and study rooms. Elevator installation is ongoing. Drywall work is still underway in the upper level of the southernmost portion of the building as well as work above ceilings.

The insulation for the metal wall panels at the paseo are being installed. The waterproofing at the upper-level paseo concrete is underway.

By Steven Scott, HLC Dillard's Building 3000 and South Parking Garage Project Manager

Dillard's Building 3000
The first ground-level floor of what used to be the Dillard's building has been poured after installation of the underground plumbing and electrical. The second floor and third floor slabs are installed and the fourth floor will start next week. The first floor construction with studs, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing is ongoing. The new KLRU studio addition is under construction with the pad installed, pier drilling is ongoing, and beams in the slab has been started. Exterior wall framing is installed on the west side and is ongoing for the east side.

South Parking Garage Phase 1: North End
Construction on Phase 1 is progressing with all seven concrete floor levels poured. Roofing of the north elevator continues and decking of the north elevator tower and stairs will start soon. Ongoing are barrier cable installation, exterior angle installation on the west wall, storm drainage piping, conduit installation, bike area backfilling on the north exterior wall, and pouring stairs for levels 1 to 2.

South Parking Garage Phase 2: South End
Construction on Phase 2 is progressing with pouring of the concrete floor for the fifth level and pouring the southwest stairs from level 2 to 3. The east side water line is installed and the base for the east drive and fire lane have been placed.