Eliminate Textbook Costs with a Z-Degree

z-degree - eliminate textbook costs

You can earn an associate degree without ever purchasing a textbook. Z-Degree students save money by taking classes that use only open educational resources (OER) and other free materials. That means no more lugging around a heavy backpack. All course materials are immediately available online at no cost.

Z-Degree classes are open to all ACC students. To enroll in one and start saving money:

  1. Log into Self-Service's Student Planning
  2. Click on “Academics”
  3. Click on “Search for Courses and Course Sections”
  4. Under “Course Type” select “Open Educational Resources”
  5. Browse the offerings
  6. Enroll in the OER (Z-Degree) class that’s right for you

Students wishing to take exclusively Z-Degree classes can earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies. They’ll get a strong foundation of core credits that are easily transferable to universities, like UT Austin and Texas State.