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Bats to Cats: ACC to Texas State Transfer

Start Here. Transfer to Texas State. Save on College Costs.

Continue your college journey at Texas State University. No more worrying if credits will transfer or if you have to retake classes. Bats to Cats lets Riverbats start at ACC and seamlessly complete their degree as Texas State Bobcats. With Bats to Cats, you can start to build your Texas State community while still taking classes at ACC. Using the Bats to Cats program pathways, you can ensure all the classes you take at ACC will count toward your Texas State bachelor’s degree. Stay at ACC for an associate degree or transfer earlier, whatever works best for your educational goals! 

And, you can potentially save as much as $19,000 in tuition and fees!

Why Bats to Cats?

Texas State is the top transfer school for most Riverbats with locations in San Marcos and Round Rock. If your goal is to get a bachelor’s degree, Bats to Cats can help you get there – seamlessly and at a lower cost than a typical four-year program.

Riverbats get personalized transfer and academic guidance from ACC and TXST when admitted to the program, so you’ll know your plan at every step of the way and can get to know TXST. Program advising also helps you avoid wasting time or money taking classes that won’t count toward your bachelor’s degree.

Other Benefits Include

ACC takes care of the paperwork for you.

$1,000 scholarship to Texas State San Marcos; $2,000 scholarship to Texas State Round Rock for first year students.

Eligible for Texas State transfer merit awards based on your grade point average at the time of transfer.

FREE tickets to select Texas State athletic events.

Which Programs Qualify for Bats to Cats?

Below are the programs that currently qualify for Bats to Cats transfer. Check back often as more will be added! If you don’t see your major yet, please contact us.

Coming Soon!

  • AA General Studies to BSW in Social Work (in development)
  • AA  General Studies to BS in Public Relations (in development)
  • AA Psychology to BS in Psychology (in development)
  • AA in Journalism to BA in Mass Communications (in development)
  • AA in English to BA in English (in development)

How Does Bats to Cats Work?

Bats to Cats can make your transfer simple and straightforward. Once you’re in, much of the process is automated.  That means you get to focus on academics and building your ACC and TXST communities.

1. Enroll at ACC

2. Complete the Declaration Form

3. Next Steps

Connect with Us

For more information about the Bats to Cats program, connect with the transfer specialists at ACC and Texas State University.

Visit ACC Transfer to learn more about transfer planning and resources.

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