Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Austin Community College District promotes student success and community development by providing affordable access, through traditional and distance learning modes, to higher education and workforce training, including appropriate applied baccalaureate degrees, in its service area. 

To fulfill its mission, the college will provide, within its available resources, the mission elements prescribed by the State of Texas:

  1. Vocational and technical programs of varying lengths leading to certificates or degrees.
  2. Freshman- and sophomore-level academic courses leading to an associate degree or serving as the base of baccalaureate degree program at a four-year institution.
  3. Continuing adult education for academic, occupational, professional, and cultural enhancement
  4. Special instructional programs and tutorial services to assist underprepared students and others who need special assistance to achieve their educational goals.
  5. A continuing program of counseling and advising designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational and occupational goals.
  6. A program of technology, library, media, and testing services to support instruction.
  7. Contracted instruction programs and services for area employers that promote economic development.

Our Vision

To love our students to success.

Our Values

Austin Community College District prioritizes the well-being, growth, learning, and success of our students and each other. Our values reflect our dedication to fostering excellence, making a positive impact, and maintaining a culture of accountability within the ACC community. Every member of ACC is responsible for this positive and meaningful impact — and we, as faculty, staff, and administrators, commit to embracing and modeling our values.

We believe in honesty and openness.

We believe in empathy, kindness, and being other-centered in all we do.

It is our honor to work for our students and with each other.

We believe in being tenacious and resilient in fighting for our students.

Student Voices

Our values were developed by ACC students who told us what they need from us, the employees of Austin Community College, to be successful.