Parents & Families

At ACC, we know how important parents and families are to every college student. No one makes the decision to go to college alone, and for more than 75,000 ACC Riverbats, their success is our shared success. From parents and siblings to step-parents, grandparents, partners, and loved ones, the Parent and Family Engagement Office at ACC helps you understand your student’s needs, getting them ready to start college and to succeed.

Our Mission

  • Bridging the gap between families and students by helping you understand the Riverbat experience.
  • Engaging and educating families through community events and 1-on-1 support
  • Establishing a culture of belonging and inclusiveness for families as they help their students succeed.

Information for Parents and Families

Whether your student is a first-generation college student or comes from a family with college experience, every student journey is different. ACC offers free parent and family orientation sessions and workshops every semester to help you and your student get the best start to college.

  • Admissions & Advising
  • Important Dates & Deadlines
  • Financial Aid & Payment Plans
  • Registering for Classes

Visit ACC

Parents and families are welcome to tour ACC with their student!

Have you heard about how fabulous ACC is? Come see for yourself everything Austin Community College has to offer your student. From the Make-It Center to state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment, ACC ensures your student experiences the best possible learning environment with world-renowned professors. Parents and families are welcome to tour ACC with their student and encounter the Riverbat experience for yourselves.

Learn more about ACC campus tour opportunities here.

Family Orientation

Family orientation is a time for parents and family supporters to learn about their student’s transition to college life, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Family members will gain a better understanding of ACC programming, resources, and processes. The program is offered in conjunction with select New Student Orientation sessions and is optional, but highly recommended. There is never any charge for attending a family orientation. 

Family members are welcome to review the online student orientation to gain a better understanding of the ACC student experience and Riverbat culture. By clicking through the slides, reading the student success tips, and watching the videos, you will have many of your questions answered, even those you did not know you had!

Parent and Family Workshops

The Parent and Family Engagement Office is excited to offer workshops designed to help parents and family members gain a deeper understanding of their student’s college experience. These workshops offer a general insight into the world of higher education and ACC’s student resources and services. The workshops are always free and are meant for any parent or family member who wants to learn more. View Workshop Schedule.

Workshop 1: How College Works

Workshop 2: Resources Galore

Workshop 3: College Conversations

Note: Students are welcome to attend sessions 1 and 2 with their family, but these workshops focus on parent and family member needs. Students should be certain to attend a student orientation sessions. Workshop 3 is designed for both student and family members to attend together.


Emergency Communications

ACC Parent & Family eNewsletter

Conversation Calendar

Admissions Resources: Getting the Best Start to College

Austin Community College has an open admissions policy and never charges an application fee. Applications are accepted year-round. Applying early ensures you’ll be ready when it’s time to register for class. Learn more information on ACC’s admissions process.

TSI Assessment

Meningitis Requirements

Residency Requirements

Support Resources: Helping Your Student Succeed

  • Free Tutoring – Students can access free help in all courses either in-person at an ACC campus or online in the comfort of their home.
  • Academic Coaching – Academic coaches support your student by helping them focus on their personal academic goals while navigating the complexities of managing school, work, and home life.
  • Advising – Students receive help planning their degrees, registering for courses, and exploring career and transfer options.
  • Financial Aid – College can be expensive. The good news is that there is assistance available through various financial aid programs, including grants, scholarships, loans, or work-study.
  • Scholarships are free money to put toward college expenses. ACC has a robust scholarship program to help ease the financial burden of attending college. Encourage your student to apply.

High School Resources: Start College Early with Dual Credit

Austin Community College offers robust High School Programs through Dual Credit courses and Early College High School. Support for parents and family members whose students continue at ACC upon high school graduation will continue through the Parent and Family Engagement Office.

Glossary of Terms

We understand that having a child or family member attend college can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Below are several links to help parents and supporters understand what their student or ACC employee is talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student in-district?

What campus should my student attend?

Where should my student’s transcripts be mailed?

What test scores does my student need?

What if my student needs help with a class or needs a tutor?

Who should my student talk to about choosing courses?

Where can my student use a computer?

Does ACC have mental health resources?

Does my student have to have a parking pass for each campus?

What if my student doesn’t have transportation?

Can I see my student’s grades?

Can I contact my student’s professor?

What is FERPA?

Can I pay my student’s tuition?

Can we tour the campuses?

Are there alert systems for emergencies and campus closure information?