Employment at ACC – Questions & Answers

Can I modify my electronic application after I submit it for one or more positions?

I do not have time to complete the entire online application in one session. Can I save an incomplete application and return to it at a later time without losing data?

How long is an application kept on file?

I am unable to provide any professional references. Can I still apply for positions with ACC?

What are ACC’s guidelines regarding the minimum requirements of positions?

I do not have an e-mail account. Can I still apply for ACC job opportunities online?

When are applicants interviewed for positions and how are they notified if a position has closed?

Does ACC have closing dates?

The electronic system suggests that I change my computer screen resolution in order to view the online application. What is screen resolution and how do I change it?

I have applied for ACC positions in the past prior to the existence of the College’s online application. How can I obtain my previous application?