First Day Classes

Get Digital Book Discounts in Select Classes

Get discounted digital books by participating in the First Day Program. When you register for a First Day class, the cost of required course materials is added to your tuition and fees bill. These digital texts are uploaded to your Blackboard account for use on the first day of class, so you can get started on assignments faster.

  • Be prepared on the first day of class
  • Materials go where you go, on whichever device you want
  • Receive the lowest price available from the publisher

How to Become a First Day Student

  1. Find a First Day class in the Student Planning class schedule.
  2. Add the class to your schedule (login required) in Student Planning.
  3. Register in Student Planning when you’re eligible.
  4. Pay for the class.
  5. Class materials will be available on the first day of class through Blackboard.

Benefits of Digital Books

First Day class materials are digital versions of physical textbooks that may include additional educational resources such as workbooks, problem sets, and tutorials. Digital textbooks have features that include highlighting, annotation, search functions, and multimedia links. All First Day materials are easy to access through Blackboard.

How to Access Your Materials

  1. Sign into Blackboard.
  2. Click your First Day class.
  3. Go to the Course Content menu.
  4. Click the module or link to your digital materials. You will be directed to the publisher’s site, where you will be automatically signed in or prompted to create an account.
  5. View First Day information.
  6. Access your materials as instructed.

Opt Out Available

The First Day Book charges opt-out refund request period begins on the course start date and ends on the census date for every semester.

This only applies if you have already paid for your First Day Book charges or already have a payment plan in place. Requests to opt-out or to cancel your opt-out must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the census date for the semester or additional session. Refunds will be issued 15 days after the last day to opt-out.

To opt-out of the First Day book fee submit your request through your course’s site via Blackboard.

Learn more about refunds here

Opting out will result in not having access to your course materials in Blackboard, which could result in a higher cost to you and a delay in obtaining course materials.


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