Hyflex Classes at ACC

What is Hyflex?

Hyflex college classes combine in-person classes with simultaneous online instruction. They are an excellent resource for working students and others who need maximum flexibility to achieve their college goals.

On Campus College Classes with Day-to-Day Flexibility

Whether it be getting to campus or getting your Wi-Fi to work, some days you need a little more flexibility to attend class. Hyflex at Austin Community College lets you choose how and where you attend your course every day! 

Unlike hybrid courses, Hyflex courses are taught by professors that will conduct classes on campus and online simultaneously, without requiring you to attend a certain way on scheduled days. Get the same excellent curriculum and connection with your professors, completely on your terms.

Don’t Stress with Hyflex

Missing class is a thing of the past. Being able to seamlessly switch from online to in-person learning makes getting to class easy and stress-free.

  • No Internet? No problem! Come to campus, grab a seat and say hi to your professor in-person.
  • Miss the bus? Log in with your laptop or phone and attend class virtually wherever you are.
  • Last minute change of plans? Feel at ease with consistent instruction across online and in-person learning, offering maximum flexibility for when you need it most.
  • Need help setting up your home learning space? Borrow an IPad, webcam, mic, and other technology.

Learn More About Hyflex Classes at ACC

Hyflex is one of several Instructional Modalities at ACC, offering diverse online and on campus options to learn. When registering for classes, check the Course Schedule for available class formats, including Hyflex, Hybrid, and Online courses, as well as shortened 8-week schedules.