Employment at ACC - Questions & Answers

Can I modify my electronic application after I submit it for one or more positions?

Applicants may modify their online application at any time prior to submission. While the automated system will allow applicants to modify saved applications to submit for future job openings, the system will not allow modifications to applications that are sent for positions for which a person has previously applied.

I do not have time to complete the entire online application in one session. Can I save an incomplete application and return to it at a later time without losing data?

An applicant may save a partially completed application, log out and later retrieve their application without losing data at a later session. The automated system will save the most recent changes made to an application. It takes the average applicant approximately 20 – 25 minutes to complete ACC’s online application; however, it may only take a minimum of 6 – 8 minutes to edit a pre-existing application depending upon the number of modifications a person wants to make.

How long is an application kept on file?

ACC’s electronic applications are considered active for up to one year from the time a person initially submits an online application. Applicants may contact the Office of Employment and Outreach Services at (512) 223-7573 to reactivate an expired online application.

I am unable to provide any professional references. Can I still apply for positions with ACC?

ACC requires applicants to provide two professional references and one personal reference. Applicants may contact ACC’s Employment Manager at ebreedlo@austincc.edu for further questions.

What are ACC’s guidelines regarding the minimum requirements of positions?

ACC applications submitted for job openings are screened for minimum requirements as advertised in each job posting. The minimum education, licensures/certifications and related amount of experience are reviewed and evaluated based upon the documentation on an applicant’s employment application. Part-time work experience will be calculated according to an applicant’s weekly work hours, months, and years of experience. Related work experience of at least six (6) months or greater will only be calculated toward the minimum requirements. Internships and work experience mandated by an education experience will be evaluated for employment consideration; however, it will not be calculated toward the minimum work experience requirements.

I do not have an e-mail account. Can I still apply for ACC job opportunities online?

We have provided web links to free e-mail services to assist applicants who currently do not have an e-mail account. Individuals interested in applying online for ACC job opportunities are required to have an e-mail account.

When are applicants interviewed for positions and how are they notified if a position has closed?

It is at the discretion of each ACC hiring committee to select applicants for interviews. Hiring committees may only invite candidates who meet the minimum requirements. As a practice, hiring committees are encouraged to select approximately 30% of the qualified applicants for interviews. Applicants who are selected for interviews will be notified by telephone and/or e-mail.

Does ACC have closing dates?

Yes, as of September 2008, ACC has adopted position closing dates. ACC hiring committees will stop accepting applications upon the closing date advertised on each job posting. Hiring committees may later choose to extend or reopen a position when needed.

The electronic system suggests that I change my computer screen resolution in order to view the online application. What is screen resolution and how do I change it?

The resolution is the sharpness and clarity of an image in your screen. The larger the resolution, the more you will see on the screen. Right-click on your desktop and choose "Properties". Click on the "Settings" tab. Move the indicator under "Screen Resolution" to your desired resolution.

I have applied for ACC positions in the past prior to the existence of the College’s online application. How can I obtain my previous application?

ACC only maintains personnel files for those who are employed with the College. Internal applicants may request a copy of the application by contacting HR Records. Applicants who are not currently employed with the College are required to complete a new application.