Pinnacle Next Steps

Pinnacle Next Steps

Austin Community College (ACC) closed its 10-story Pinnacle building in 2018 to evaluate needed repairs and renovation. The former office building, constructed in 1984, requires extensive work following a series of assessments that identified areas of concern with the building’s facade, accessibility, and current code requirements. In April 2019, the ACC Board of Trustees declared the building and egress and ingress land as surplus property that no longer met the standards and mission of the college and would be too costly to repair or renovate. Trustees hired a real estate firm to gauge interest in the building. In November 2019, Trustees reviewed bids and dismissed all current offers. The college is currently in the research phase of developing plans for a future campus on the Pinnacle site. 

Pinnacle Conversation

ACC Community Conversations: SW Austin

The southwest Austin community received information about ACC's districtwide campus master planning initiative and shared input on a future Pinnacle Campus.

Pinnacle Campus Next Steps - PDF

ACC Pinnacle Site



December 2019 ACC hosts two community meetings to share information and get feedback about the future of Pinnacle.

October 2019 ACC announces it will host community meetings to gather input about a future ACC Pinnacle Campus

July 2018 Pinnacle closes to all

May 2018 Pinnacle closes to public, remains open to faculty and staff

March 2018 ACC announces it will close Pinnacle Campus in summer 2018 to evaluate needed repairs, renovations, and possible expansions on site.  


November 2019
The agenda for the ACC Community Conversations scheduled for Monday, December 2, and Tuesday, December 3, is listed below:

8:30 a.m. | 6 p.m. — Reception & Refreshments
8:40 a.m. | 6:10 p.m. — Welcome and Introductions
9 a.m. | 6:30 p.m. — Pinnacle Campus + ACC Districtwide Campus Master Planning Presentation
9:15 a.m. | 6:45 p.m. — Community Input Exercise
9:40 a.m. | 7:10 p.m. — Community Q & A
9:55 a.m. | 7:25 p.m. Closing Remarks

November 2019
ACC announces dates and times for two Community Conversation events to share information and get feedback about the future of Pinnacle. The conversations will explore what a future campus on the Pinnacle Campus property will look like. ACC will share information about the districtwide Campus Master Planning process and invite the community to share ideas and provide feedback. There are 49 acres of current green space at Pinnacle that are designated for future college development. The conversations will be held December 2 and December 3. They are free and open to the public. Read more.

November 2019
The ACC Board of Trustees rejected recent bids for its Pinnacle Campus building and the nine acres it sits on in Southwest Austin during its regular meeting on Monday, November 4. In April, ACC’s Board of Trustees declared the building and its nine adjacent acres as surplus property that no longer met the standards and mission of the college and would be too costly to repair or renovate. The college hired the Austin office of commercial real estate firm CBRE to broker the sale, learn what the property is worth, and get real data to inform a long-term decision. The college has since evaluated bids and made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to dismiss all current offers.

October 2019
ACC announces it will host two community conversations in southwest Austin to gather input about a future ACC Pinnacle Campus on the current site near the Y in Oak Hill. The college and its Board of Trustees will share information about ACC’s ongoing districtwide master planning process and hear from the community about how to best serve the region’s higher education and workforce training needs.  Dates, times, locations to be determined. Read more.

April 2019
ACC hired the Austin office of commercial real estate firm CBRE to broker the sale of the Pinnacle Campus building and the nine acres it sits on in Southwest Austin. The remaining 49 acres at the Pinnacle Campus site would not be available for purchase. Once bids are received, the college will evaluate its options and make a decision to accept a bid or develop a different long-term plan for the use of the building and the entire property. ACC will consider the dollar amount as well as the intended use of the building and how it aligns with the college’s mission. The process is expected to take close to a year. Revenue from the potential sale would be reinvested into the southwest region including the possible development of a new ACC campus on the property. Visit the CBRE website for more information on the bid process or to register your interest in the property. Read more.

April 2019
ACC will explore opportunities to sell its Pinnacle Campus building and the nine acres it sits on in Southwest Austin. During its regular meeting Monday, April 1, the ACC Board of Trustees approved a resolution declaring the building as surplus property and authorizing the college to post the building for sale. The property sits on approximately 58 acres near the Y in Oak Hill in Southwest Austin. The remaining 49 acres, current green space, would not be available for purchase. Read more.

April 2018
Summer classes have been rescheduled to nearby campuses. Updated schedules are available at The effort to relocate Pinnacle faculty and staff to nearby campuses is progressing ahead of schedule. Most will receive either their first or second choice for relocation. Communications regarding assignments will be coming soon from the appropriate area lead. For example, student services staff will receive notification from Dr. Virginia Fraire, Vice President of Student Services, and faculty will receive notification from Mike Midgley, Vice President of Instruction.

These transitions will occur over the summer with a goal of completing all moves by July 31, 2018. The offices of Facilities and Construction and Safety and Operations will coordinate the moves.

March 2018 
Austin Community College announces it will close its Pinnacle Campus beginning summer 2018 to evaluate needed repairs, renovations, and possible expansions on site. Built in 1984, the 10-story building will require extensive work following a series of assessments that identified areas of concern with the building’s facade, accessibility, and current code requirements. During Pinnacle’s closure, ACC will perform a more thorough assessment of the building to identify possible resolutions in the best interest of its students and the community. Possible future options include repairing and renovating the building and/or expanding ACC’s presence on other parts of the property. The college owns approximately 60 acres on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Pinnacle Closing?
    • The college is taking steps to prevent a potential safety issue and/or a significant operational disruption in the future and moving forward with a thorough evaluation of needed repairs and renovation to make the building safe, accessible, and compliant with current codes. With the opening of new and expanded facilities in fall 2018, the college was well-positioned to relocate students, faculty, staff, and classes to other campuses without any reduction in staff. The campus will remain closed for a minimum of two years to allow sufficient time for proper assessment, permitting, repairs, and renovations.

  • What's wrong with Pinnacle?
    • Built in 1984 as a speculative office building, the 10-story tower has numerous deficiencies in the areas of accessibility, deferred maintenance, mechanical systems (HVAC, electrical, etc.), vertical circulation (elevators), and functionality (undersized spaces). Many classrooms and spaces are too small and not meeting collegewide standards.

      Additionally, in January 2017, a frozen pipe on the 10th floor caused water damage to the south stairwell. Repairs were made; however, further assessments identified additional issues with the building’s facade and accessibility standards.

  • Where can students get student services?
    • Student services remain available at all ACC campus locations. The closest campuses to Pinnacle are:

      • Riverside Campus, 1020 Grove Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78741
      • RVS Welcome Desk: 512-223-6201 or 512-223-6015
      • South Austin Campus, 1820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX 78745
      • SAC Welcome Desk: 512-223-9141
      • Hays Campus, 1200 Kohlers Crossing, Kyle, Texas 78640
      • HYC Welcome Desk: 512-223-1515 or 512-262-6515

As the college works with the community to develop plans for a new state-of-the-art campus in Southwest Austin, we welcome your feedback.  What would you like to see on the Pinnacle site in the future? Your thoughts and comments will be shared with campus master planners. Commonly asked questions will be answered and posted to FAQs.


As a taxpayer of ACC I would like to know how much you paid for that building and why you bought it in the first place? Did MK Hage who was on the ACC board at the time of the purchase profit from the purchase? Everyone in town knew that Angermann built a cheap building why did not ACC? How could anyone conclude that a high rise building like that would work for a college building.

I taught at Pinnacle--my students were very upset at its closure and I still hear from current students at Riverside who complain about having to drive across town(in all directions). There is nothing but growth in this area--we really need a campus here. Thanks.

Consider a campus devoted to the trades. Now that the skilled construction workers are not able to enter the US from Mexico, the local building industry is starved for tile setters, masons, electricians, and skilled carpenters

Hi, I'm a current student at ACC and consider(ed) Pinnacle to be my home campus before renovations. I'm curious as to what types of classes will be offered at the campus once it is reopened. Before it seemed to be mostly the general academic classes (English, Math, etc.) because it was an old Bank building and you couldn't do much else with it, but with the large amount of digital media classes (graphic artist, motion art, game art, etc) that could be offered more at ACC, have you considered opening up more classes for these types of degrees, especially to those of us living in South Austin?
Currently very few of these classes are available, and next semester most of these classes are being moved to North Austin campuses, making it difficult to sign up and get to class if you live in South Austin. ACC has an award winning Creative Design department for digital media classes, so much so that Adobe as got with ACC to start a program to help students get easy access to Adobe's expensive programs. Yet, it is very difficult to get into these classes because very few are even available. I've personally spent over 8 years trying to get into classes for my Motion Graphic Art degree, to the point that I managed to complete an Associates Degree in General Studies before I ever got into a single digital media class, even though I had been trying since the semester I started.
I think it would make sense for ACC to increase availability of these digital media classes as much as possible, if not at Pinnacle then possibly at South Austin campus, or at the very least have one campus in South Austin that can support the classes. You guys have a great program, but it's almost impossible to get into, why not fix that?

It would be great to have a nursing program in that area. Right now they are all down the I-35 corridor. With the Clinical Education Center eventually being shut down after the demolishing of Brack, it would be great to relocate that nursing school site to the new SW location.

I applaud your thorough and community-driven process. We (faculty, staff, students) will all benefit.

Please do what you can to preserve this building, similar to what you are doing for Rio Grande and what was done with Highland Mall at the Highland Campus. Too often, buildings that have served a community are abandoned and then later leased or sold. Preserve the history as much as you can, please.

I am in support of the college remaining in Southwest Austin. I believe ACC could reap benefits by cultivating partnerships with the tech companies in the area, providing opportunities for software, business, sales, leadership and all sorts of relevant training.

The new campus should be healthcare and workforce, there are already enough campuses to take basic credits to transfer to UT or wherever. There is always a waiting list for the healthcare programs and we need more people who live here in Austin to be able to learn skills to go to work. If ACC is for everyone then make a campus with programs that are for everyone

Please reopen Pinnacle!! The only ACCs in southwest Austin are SAC and Hays and the Hays parking lot is terrible. I commute from Brodie and 1626 to SAC which I absolutely love but not all classes are convenient for me to choose from. If I can't find classes at SAC then my next options are Riverside and Eastview which is a further drive and not as convenient since I live and work in southwest Austin. I work 40 hours a week, take 2-3 classes a semester, and have a daughter that's in high school so I'm always on the road. Sometimes I have to take courses at two different campuses and this can be difficult when they're so far away from each other. Sometimes classes will overlap making it impossible to choose from. Please, please, please reopen Pinnacle. You'll make so many lives easier.

Southwest Austin NEEDS an ACC campus! It would be great to have the Nursing Program be part of this campus. It is conveniently located across from Seton SW and not to far from the Baylor Scott and White in Lakeway.

The southwest area really needs this campus back. South Campus is at a congested intersection with limited parking, while getting to Hays requires the patience of a saint with all the construction on 1626. I know I'm not the only parent who's disgusted with this situation; for what we spend on district taxes, there isn't any excuse for not getting things resolved.

Would love to see this campus reopen soon with a nursing program available. Much needed in the area, many need to drive over an hour to get to the nursing program.

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