8-Week Classes at ACC

Get the most out of your college semester with 8-week courses. This shortened format provides the same excellent curriculum condensed into only eight weeks. The flexible class formats are available both online and in-person and allow you to get the same amount of credit hours, even while taking fewer classes at one time.

More flexibility in your schedule means you can:

  • Open up your semester plan by taking your important prerequisites early.
  • Focus on completing condensed General Education classes.
  • Take core curriculum course sequences back-to-back. For instance, History 1301 in the first eight-week session followed by History 1302 in the second eight-week session.
  • Remain eligible for financial aid benefits.
  • Starting new in fall 2023, begin or continue your course work as a Business Administration major by taking eight-week classes at Northridge Campus.

Benefits of an 8-Week Class

Students taking 8-week classes get focused learning in a format that’s flexible to fit busy schedules. If you are looking for a way to complete classes quickly, accelerated classes help you finish in half the time.

8-Week Schedule8-Week Session I
2 Classes (3 credits each)
8-Week Session II
2 Classes (3 credits each)
8-Week Session
2 Classes (3 credits each)
Traditional Schedule16-Week Session
4 classes  (3 credits each)
Off for Summer

Splitting your semester in half is a great way to stay on track and meet your goals. Take control of your schedule by browsing available 8-week classes and other course formats.

8-week classes are available in a variety of subjects, including Pre-Health Sciences, Communication Studies, and Business Administration. These 8-week courses may be taken online or in-person.

Get Started!

Contact your program representative for assistance in building an 8-week schedule perfect for your program map!

Contact Info for 8-Week Classes

Accounting Technician CertificateOnlineReed Peoples[email protected]512-223-4757
Business Administration DegreeNorthridge CampusLorlie Ellis[email protected]512-223-4114
Communication Studies DegreeOnlineRisé Lara[email protected]512-223-4545
General Studies in Arts DegreeRound Rock Campus/HybridMatthew Daude Laurents[email protected]512-223-2630
Pre-Health Sciences DegreeRound Rock CampusDavid Fonken[email protected]512-223-7346

Note: Financial aid questions for 8-week classes should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

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